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What’s The Difference Between A Tummy Tuck and Abdominoplasty Surgery?

Nothing! That is right. Tummy tuck and a tummy tuck are one in exactly the same. Whereas the phrase ‘tummy tuck’ is broadly referred to as the surgery people get to tighten their tummies and rid their midsection… Read More

Are You Contemplating Abdominoplasty Surgery Or A Tummy Tuck?

There’s often times confusion when it comes to the conditions abdominoplasty surgery and tummy tuck. They’re actually the exact same process although some people believe they’re two separate procedures. The word abdominoplasty is no more than a fancy… Read More

Abdominoplasty – That Which You Should Understand

Individuals nowadays are getting more and more body-aware. As a result, the need for cosmetic surgery has grown manifold. Abdominoplasty, popularly known as tummy tuck, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes excess fat and skin from a… Read More

An Abdominoplasty Scar Is Unavoidable After Surgery

After experiencing the tummy tuck the patient will have to face abdominoplasty scar. The surgery like abdominoplasty is, in addition, recognized as TT, which means the tummy tuck surgery. The key aim of abdominoplasty surgery is always to… Read More

Abdominoplasty – Between Necessity and Caprice

This is not a surgery that is simply cosmetic, as is the case with other plastic surgeries. This can also be a necessity, as there are many people who have lost weight and need a reshaping of their… Read More