Abdominal Liposuction

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When it comes to treating the abdominal region of the body, a combination of liposuction techniques are employed. Click to buy modafinil online. Abdominal liposuction is usually performed in multiple sessions rather than one large treatment session.

A large amount of the fat will be removed with a more traditional technique. Then it isn’t uncommon for the surgeon to use laser liposuction as a complementary technique in the follow up procedure to refine and further sculpt the area. The precision of laser lipo allows the surgeon to sculpt the perfect figure down to almost every last detail.

Cost Of Abdominal Liposculpture

There are a few reasons why laser lipo is not the only technique used in the abdominal area with the first being that treatment of an area of that size is not effectively done with a laser. The relatively large size of the treatment area also will run up the cost of the overall procedure.

The cost will also be more in the abdominal region compared to other parts of the body because of the cell structure. The fat cells in areas like the abdomen, the chest, or the back are usually more fibrous meaning that they are tougher to break up than fat cells in other parts of the body.

On an individual basis, the amount of fat to be removed in the area affects the cost of the procedure. This doesn’t mean that someone with more fat will spend more, just the person looking to remove more fat. Although in most cases more fat available to be removed means more fat will be removed.

Other factors that influence the price of the procedure includes the geographical location of the clinic and whatever the rate is as determined by the cosmetic surgery market of the geographical region. That is why it is always a good idea to shop outside your area to see if neighboring towns have lower demand markets and therefore cheaper prices.


A full treatment to the entire abdominal area is no small procedure. The resulting recovery time will be long compared to other liposuction procedures since this is about as big as it gets. Improper drainage of the treated area can cause problems although there is no way to eliminate all problems. Common side effects are hematomas and seromas which are color patches that are visible through the skin caused by leaked blood pooling under the skin. Sometimes, the swelling of feet and ankles as well as bruising of genitals can occur as a result of leftover fluid flowing down to those parts of the body when the patient stands up and gravity kicks in. The good news is that these symptoms are generally not serious and will go away with time. How much time is required to fully heal depends on the severity of the side effects and the size of the procedure. Usually a patient will be able to resume normal daily activities within a matter of weeks.

Liposuction Versus Tummy Tuck

Liposuction is commonly used to complement a tummy tuck. Although both are major surgical procedures and both are done under general anesthesia, tummy liposuction involves suctioning out fat deep inside the body, while a tummy tuck excises both fat and the skin. Here is a direct comparison of the two:

The Tummy Tuck

Because the skin is also excised and no wrinkly skin will be left afterward, a tummy tuck can sound more alluring. However, the procedure is more rudimentary compared to liposuction. Before tummy liposuction was invented, people had no choice but to undergo a tummy tuck if they have excess what which cannot be removed through diet or exercise alone. However, the main qualm people had with this procedure is that recovery time is slow and it leaves a huge scar which spans from the lower part of the abdomen down to the pubic area. This made tummy tucks more of a necessity than an option for people to feel better about themselves because the scar is difficult to hide even after it lightens.

Tummy Liposuction

With abdominal liposuction, the procedure is less invasive, and because the goal is to not disturb the skin as much as possible, there is minimal scarring and speedier recovery times. For those who think the procedure is not enough because it may leave them with wrinkly and saggy skin in the abdominal area, it is good to note that prior to the procedure, doctors first see if the patient’s skin tone and muscle tone is good. Usually, people with good muscle and skin tone have better skin elasticity, which means the skin is more likely to tighten and firm up on its own after the procedure, making skin excision unnecessary.

Because a “tummy liposuction” often leaves the body alone to adjust to its new size and shape, the end result looks more natural compared to a tummy tuck, which some say has a higher risk of skin deformation after the procedure. Also, since only fat cells are involved in the procedure, a stomach liposuction is generally cheaper compared to a tummy tuck, which costs twice as much as the former.

Surgeons generally recommend liposuction for their patients nowadays, instead of the usual tummy tuck. However, if after the procedure, the patient’s skin doesn’t adjust very well and it ends up saggy and wrinkled, that’s the only time the surgeon would suggest additional procedures like the tummy tuck to get rid of excess skin.